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Speedway visits


(10.21.2017) We had a frightfully good time Saturday evening at Frite Lodge, a haunted house fundraiser put on by Pleasant Lodge #134 in Acton.

Speedway DeMolay is open to young men 12 years and older who have a belief in a Supreme Being and be of good character.  It is a community-based international organization which emphasizes leadership skills and character-building within a program of social, sports, and community service activities.

What's Next?

Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer either through their own personal battle or through the battle of someone they love.  We participate in Relay For Life because we know we are making a difference in the fight to end cancer by raising funds and cancer awareness.

Indy Fuel Video Highlights!

(11.05.2017) Click the pic to the left for a quick video of the fun at the Indy Fuel game Sunday!

Griffin Vermeulen

Master Councilor


Heartland Champion


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Indiana DeMolay

State Broomball


November 18, 2017

3:00 pm

West Newton Installation

(10.19.2017) As always, we had a great time visiting our Brothers of West Newton Chapter as we witnessed the installation of Chase Ward as Master Councilor.  Chase attended the Indiana DeMolay PMC-MSA Mania camp earlier in the year and we are looking forward to see him lead WN chapter!.

DeMolay based on timeless principles and practical, "hands on" experience.  Members develop civic awareness through community service projects, personal responsibility by planning and executing their own activities, and gain self-confidence through leadership and public speaking.



Chevalier Observance Held At Charlie Browns

(11.12.2017) We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast at our Annual Chevalier Observance at Charlie Brown's Pancake and Steak House on Sunday. Speedway was well represented with one of our newest Chevs and Indiana DeMolay State Master Councilor Josua Mackey, PSMC Sunny Atwal, PMC Joshua Imel, Ritual Advisor Richy Condre, Community Service Advisor Mathew Bryant, Chairman Eric Vermeulen and Chapter Dad Patrick Elmore.

Dad Land Observance

(11.08.2017) Speedway DeMolay honored Dad Frank S. Land with an annual obervance to commemorate the life of the founder of the Order of DeMolay.  On Wednesday we watched a tribute video to Dad Land along with some prospective members.


(11.04,2017) Congratulations to those in the Speedway DeMolay family who were recognized Saturday at Indiana DeMolay's Honors and Awards Night! Brothers Josh Mackey,PMC-MSA, and Noah Barnes, PMC-MSA, were both honored with the Degree of Chevalier, and Brother Keith Harvey, PMC-MSA, was presented with the PMC-MSA medal that he earned as our Master Councilor. In addition Dad Mathew Bryant, Community Service Advisor received the Cross Of Honor for his distinguished service to DeMolay.   Congratulations to all!

Devons Story

Speedway DeMolay Chaplain Devon Alderman (LCC) shares experiences from his first year in DeMolay with his Speedway Brothers this past Sunday morning at Conclave 2017.  Click on the image to see the video.

Charles Passes

First Obligation!

(11.15.2017) Congratulations to Brother Charles Learned who was found proficient in his Iniatory Degree Obligation at Wednesdays Stated Meeting. He is also 3/5 of the way through the Leadership Correspondence Course and serves as Chaplain.

K-Town Visit

(11.14.2017) Speedway DeMolay PMC-MSA and Indiana DeMolay State Master Councilor Josh Mackey along with Speedway Junior Councilor and PMC-MSA Keith Harvey took part in a planning meeting with our brothers of J. McLean Moulder Chapter in Kokomo.



Jacob Einstein

Senior Councilor


Heartland Champion

Jaxon Initiated at

State Class

(11.04.2017) Saturday we welcomes our newest brother, "Action" Jaxon Wheeler, to the fold. Great to have you on board, Jaxon! 


(10.25.2017) Speedway DeMolay had a fun night Wednesday which included the iconic board games RISK and MONOPOLY along with some Sloppy Joes, Salad, Chips and Cake!  Our prospect Nathan joined us for a night of gaming and eating!

Speedway DeMolay

Scottish Rite

Halloween Party

(10.29.2017) Speedway DeMolay once again supported the Valley Of Indianapolis' Halloween Party by helping with running the games and participating in the costume contest!  In all Speedway had three Advisors, four DeMolays and two Prospects in attendance.

Indy Fuel Game

(11.05.2017) We had a fantastic time at the Indy Fuel game Sunday and raised some money for the chapter through ticket sales. Thanks to all who bought tickets via our link!


Evansville Installation

(11.11.2017) Congratulations to Austin Holder who was Installed as Master Councilor of Evansville Compton Chapter on Saturday. We had the honor of providing the Installing Team with Speedway DeMolay PMC-MSA and State Master Councilor Josh Mackey as IO; Senior Councilor and State Almoner Jacob Einstein as ISC; MC and State Marshal Griffin Vermeulen as IJC; one of our newest members Elijah Balph as ISD; Senior Deacon Brendan Hoffmeyer as IM and our Chaplain Charles Learned as IC.

relay for life

Our Mission

Keith Harvey


Junior Councilor


Heartland Champion