Two Receive International Kudos

(09.02.2018) We wanted to recognize a couple of our brothers whose recent labors have brought international recognition to the chapter. Brother Jacob, who recently completed his term as our Master Councilor, has been granted the PMC-MSA, as well as one of the very first two Centennial PMC-MSAs worldwide! And Brother Jake recently completed his internship at DeMolay International, and was awarded the 12th of 100 Pro Servitio Awards to be bestowed by Grand Master M. Boyd Patterson during the  Centennial Year! Congratulations to both of these Speedway PMCs!

Speedway Bowled Over!

(09.03.2018) On Labor Day Speedway DeMolay had a bowling outing at Western Bowl courtesy of Dad Brian who supplied the free games!  16 in all attended including four prospects.

Masonic Home Festival

(10.16.2018) Speedway DeMolay attended the annual Masonic Home Festival at Compass Park in Franklin, Indiana.  The festival is a Masonic Family reunion and culminates in a parade around Red Skeleton Circle.  Speedway DeMolays assisted with the Indiana DeMolay Information booth and enjoyed the bounce house!

Our Mission

Indians Game Big Hit With DeMolay

We ventured out to Victory Field in Indianapolis on the afternoon of Sunday, August 26, to enjoy a baseball game between the Louisville Bats and the host


(09.07-09.2018) Speedway DeMolay has come away with 9 Championships out of the 15 competitions we entered in the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Tournament Of Champions (MATOC)!   The 9 MATOC crowns include 5 team wins and 4 individual ones, including the following:
* Preceptor Corps, Championship Division 
* Majority Service, Championship Division 
* Representative DeMolay Ceremony, Championship Division 
* Ceremony of Light Team, Championship Division 
* 9 o'Clock Interpolation, Championship Division 
* Magnificent 7, Championship Division (Jake V.)
* Magnificent 7, Open Division (Alan C.)
* Ceremony of Light, Championship Division (Jake V.)
* Ceremony of Light, Open Division (Keith H.)

Join Us

LEO G. White Initiation

(09.12.2018)  It was our pleasure Wednesday to help Leo G. White Chapter, along with Yorkrite Chapter, in initiating 4 new members! One of the great aspects ofthe initiation at Leo G. White Chapter in Anderson was getting to see three generations of DeMolay in action. Martin  joined DeMolay tonight in the presence of his father, Geoff Brumback, and his grandfather, Mike Brumback.  Geoff is a PMC and Chevalier of the Chapter and a Past Master of its sponsoring body, Mt. Moriah Lodge, while Mike is an Active Member of the International Supreme Council and a Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Indiana. Congratulations to Team Brumback and to all of the members and advisors of Leo G. White Chapter!

Josh Mackey


Master Councilor

Griffin Elevated to State Scribe-Treasurer

(09.05.2018) It was a big night at Speedway tonight, as we not only welcomed GM's Personal Representative Dad Tom Fallis, but also officially received West Newton Chapter's awesome gift into our chapter, and witnessed the collaring of new Indiana State Scribe-Treasurer Griffin V.

DeMolay based on timeless principles and practical, "hands on" experience.  Members develop civic awareness through community service projects, personal responsibility by planning and executing their own activities, and gain self-confidence through leadership and public speaking.



Devon Alderman

Junior Councilor

relay for life


Friend To Friend Monument Visited

(09.09.2018) Before departing Gettysburg we visited the Gettysburg National Military Park and National Cemetery Annex where we visited the Friend to Friend Masonic Memorial at Gettysburg
Union General Winfield Scott Hancock and Confederate General Lewis Addison Armistead were personal friends and members of the Masonic Fraternity.
Depicted in this sculpture is Union Captain Henry Bingham, a Mason and staff assistant to General Hancock, himself wounded, rendering aid to the fallen Confederate General. Armistead is shown handing his watch and personal effects to be taken to his friend, Union General Hancock.

Brendan Hoffmeyer

Senior Councilor


Heartland Champion


A fraternity of  leadership.


Join Us At BDUBS!

Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer either through their own personal battle or through the battle of someone they love.  We participate in Relay For Life because we know we are making a difference in the fight to end cancer by raising funds and cancer awareness.

Yorkrite Centennial Observance

(09.15.2018) Speedway had the pleasure of attending Yorkrite Chapters Centennial Obervance that included an initiation and a dinner.  A highlight of the afternoon was three former Past State Master Councilors of Yorkrite were among the attendees and spoke at the event.

What's Next?


September 26th 7:00 pm

Speedway DeMolay is open to young men 12 years and older who have a belief in a Supreme Being and be of good character.  It is a community-based international organization which emphasizes leadership skills and character-building within a program of social, sports, and community service activities.

West Newton Honors Speedway

(08.30.2018) In a touching moment at the West Newton Initiation Thursday night, Dad Allen Thorpe of West Newton Chapter presented us with a beautiful framed lithograph featuring the town of Speedway in token of the bond of friendship between our two chapters. Thanks to the members and advisors of West Newton Chapter for this meaningful gift!

MATOC 4th National TOC For Speedway Duo

(09.07-09.2018) After competing at the Mid-Atlantic Tournament of Champions (MATOC) in Gettysburg Saturday, Speedway PMCs Jake and Alan became the only current active DeMolays in the world to have competed in all four traditional national ritual tournaments--MATOC, Old South, FMCT and Heartland. Each of these Speedway veterans is what Teddy Roosevelt referred to as a "man in the arena."

Speedway DeMolay

Yard Sale

(09.15.2018) Speedway Masonic Youth Groups teamed up with a Yard Sale that was hosted by Speedway Jobs Daughters Bethel #38.  Speedway DeMolay sold hot dogs, snow cones, chips and drinks along with a some gently used clothes.