Let's Shave Jacob For Relay for life!

(05.01.2020) Hope is not cancelled even though the Relay For Life of Speedway has been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. Speedway PMC-MSA Jacob has volunteered to have his head shaved if we raise $5K in the month of May. As of May 1 we are at $,2,200 toward our goal of $10,000 and if we hit at least $7,200 by the end of the month then Jacob has a meeting with the clippers! So please consider supporting our efforts to fight cancer and support the American Cancer Society. #GreatestCureOnEarth #RealySpeedway #CancerSucks

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relay for life

Devon International

(05.21.2020) Speedway PMC-MSA Devon has had an international presence in DeMolay and has leveraged it to meeting some brothers online from around the world to help with his conversational French during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Devon shared his experiences with Speedway Chapter Advisor Patrick Elmore in the Alderman yard, on a hill, with packs of barking dogs and motorcycles adding ambiance as we try to stay safe in the Corona Era.



Blue Angels Fly over

(05.12.2020) Tuesday the US Navy's Blue Angels did a Fly Over in formation over Indianapolis in support of the COVID-19 Frontline Responders.

In honor of both the Frontline Responders and the US Military we had Speedway DeMolays & Advisors get some pictures and video from around the city and we put it together into this tribute.

Our Mission

Gage Barrett

Senior Councilor




Star Trek: DeMolay

(05.17.2020) What if a DeMolay wrote an episode of Star Trek? While binging “Where No Man Has Gone Before” while under COVID-19 Quarantine this is what the researchers at Speedway DeMolay came up with.

Game Night

(05.15.2020) For game night Friday we tried a new platform and played some games on The “Houseparty” app. We had different players through out the night including Speedway PMC-MSA and Indiana DeMolay PSMC Sunny Atwal joining us from his New York City quarantine and Speedway Masonic Lodge No 500 F & AM PM Chris Schneider.

Making Dinner For Our Parents Part One: Apple Roses

(04.23.2020) Wednesday night Speedway DeMolay laid the foundation for our Parents Day Observance. This year we held a Zoom Meeting where our sponsoring body, Speedway Masonic Lodge No 500 F & AM Junior Warden Tim Poe taught our guys how to make dessert to serve during our observance next month to their families.

Tonight’s video is Dad Tim showing the DeMolays how to make Apple Roses which will be the dessert for the meal. We are asking our DeMolays to make short videos or take pics to share from May 1 through June 12 where Parents Day is traditionally observed on the DeMolay calendar.

3-D Printer demonstration

(05.13.2020) Wednesday's Zoom meeting featured a 3-D printer demonstration by Speedway Masonic Lodge No 500 F & AM Junior Warden Dad Tim Poe followed by Mom Dee’s Trivia Challenge with Speedway PMC-MSA Devon taking bragging rights!

Griffin Wins Kach Essay Contest.  Again.

(04.28.2020) We received word from DeMolay International Tuesday we learned that Speedway PMC and Indiana State Senior Councilor Griffin V. has been named a regional winner in the Paul R. Kach International Essay Contest, sponsored by the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite. Griffin, a junior at Brownsburg High School, won first place among all entrants from Region IV who are in 11th grade or above. This makes 5 Kach winners in 3 years from Speedway, and 7 total since 2013. Previous Speedway winners include Devon A., Alan Condre, Jake Vermeulen, Owen V., and Leviticus W. Griffin V. also won in the junior division in 2016. Congratulations, Griffin!

Join Us

Thoughts On COVID-19 From Papa Pat

(05.02.2020) It seems that returning to “normal” is just around the corner. Here are a few words from Dad “Papa Pat” Patrick Elmore with the hope of DeMolay being ready when we turn the page.

Making Dinner For Our Parents Part Two: Tim’s Szechuan Green Beans

(04.24.2020) Speedway Masonic Lodge No 500 F & AM Junior Warden Tim Poe taught our guys how to make a meal to serve during our Parents Day Observance next month. The idea is not to replace the “Mothers Day Meal,” rather a different meal that a parent does not have to make!

Tonight’s video is Dad Tim showing the DeMolays how to make “Tim’s Szechuan Green Beans” which will be the main course for the meal to go with the “Apple Rose Dessert” from the first “Speedway DeMolay Quarantine Kitchen.” We are asking our DeMolays to make short videos or take pics of their efforts to share from May 1 through June 12 where Parents Day is traditionally observed on the DeMolay calendar.

Shave Jacob Bald!

(05.18.2020) Speedway PMC-MSA Jacob is reminding us that cancer never sleeps nor do our efforts to raise money for The American Cancer Society. Please donate to our efforts at www.SpeedwayDeMolay.org and click on the #RelayForLife link.

Let’s raise $5K in the month of May so we can shave Jacob bald!!!!

Ryan Andrews



Taking Care of business

(05.07.2020) Wednesday night we had our virtual Stated Meeting.

DeMolay based on timeless principles and practical, "hands on" experience.  Members develop civic awareness through community service projects, personal responsibility by planning and executing their own activities, and gain self-confidence through leadership and public speaking.



Sunday with the aldermans

(05.09.2020) We spent a recent Sunday afternoon to safely visit “Team Alderman” which includes Speedway PMC-MSA Devon along with Advisors Mom Dee Alderman who is the President of the Speedway Turbo Boosters Club and Dad Jerry Alderman .

The first half of the video they share their COVID-19 era reality and for the second half talk about the Armed Services Pole Day event for the Indy 500.

To join the Speedway Turbo Boosters club and be able to enjoy the “Suite Life” at Pole Day for the Greatest Spectacle In Racing visit www.SpeddwayDeMolay.org

Joshua Hackney

Senior Deacon


Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer either through their own personal battle or through the battle of someone they love.  We participate in Relay For Life because we know we are making a difference in the fight to end cancer by raising funds and cancer awareness.

Making Videos

(05.03.2020) With proper social distancing, Speedway Senior Deacon Joshua snuck into Speedway Lodge Sunday to work on a video project.


Speedway DeMolay

Restart Meeting Planned

(05.22.2020) As we get closer to Indiana DeMolay partial start up on June 1, 2020 the Speedway DeMolay family and its supporters will be having a Zoom Room Town Hall Meeting to discuss protocols being put in effect to stay COVID-19 safe.

The virtual meeting will take place at 7:00 pm on Wednesday May 27, 2020. If you are interested in attending please contact Mom Dee Alderman, Dad Eric Vermeulen or Dad Patrick Elmore for the link to the Zoom Room.

COVID-19 Precautions for Restart discussed

(05.20.2020) Wednesday Master Councilor Owen V. lead our Virtual Stated tonight where we discussed our COVID-19 Safety protocols leading up to returning to in person meetings June 1.

Speedway DeMolay is open to young men 12 years and older who have a belief in a Supreme Being and be of good character.  It is a community-based international organization which emphasizes leadership skills and character-building within a program of social, sports, and community service activities.

A fraternity of  leadership.

For 2019 Team Demolay set a new Speedway DeMolay team record with $10,076 raised for RElay For LIfe.   

We have now kicked off the 2020 RFL season and invite you

to join us!

Owen Vermeulen

Master Councilor